About us

M Privilege is a dedicated and independent brand which aims to enhance the lifestyle by providing exclusive offers 

Exclusive offers are proposed from partners in a wide variety of categories including F&B, fashion, beauty & healthcare, hotel & travel and emigration.  

M Privilege is powered by Club M JSC, a company which aims to provide customer care solutions to organizations, companies and financial institutions in Vietnam, therefore driving customer retention and measurable long-term revenue for our clients.  

Club M’s corporate clients receive M Privilege cards allowing the beneficiaries they designate (e.g. customers, staffs) to receive irresistible offers from M Privilege’s partners. 

Club M’s main corporate client is VPS Securities (VPS), formerly VPBank Securities (VPBS), one of the largest securities companies in Vietnam. The key business areas of VPS include: securities brokerage & trading, financial services, investment banking, finance advisory and research. 

Our goal is to satisfy both our clients and their customers by providing the highest level of service, flexibility and dedication, all while being cost effective. 

For further information, please contact M Privilege Service Center at: 

0901 70 2020 or Info@M-Privilege.com